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Flex Learning Academy is a revolutionary microschool that is the model for the future of education.

Our primary goal is to provide children with the education and experiences they need to become highly-effective, dynamic leaders. Our students are not measured by tests that force them to simply memorize information from textbooks and spit it back out on a test; rather, our students are evaluated through a series of Socratic Discussions and project-based learning assessments which allow them the freedom of research and natural inquiry as well as creative expression.

Our Mission

We are a truly passionate team of leaders dedicated to creating future leaders in a supportive, safe environment where they can fulfill their unlimited potential.

At FLEX Learning Academy, our unique model motivates students in grades 6th to 12th to reach their highest potential with innovative and engaging lessons tailored to each individual student’s learning styles.

FLEX students learn what they want, when they want and how they want!

FLEX Learning Academy Faculty


Students are guided and mentored by educational coaches, rather than “teachers”, who are Certified Florida Educators with over 20 years of teaching experience and experts who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Their role is to facilitate student learning in a safe, nurturing environment and to lead students to the greatest learning outcomes.

FLEX Learning Academy Founder and Director Susan Zide Safra, M.Ed.

FLEX Founder and Director Susan Zide Safra, M.Ed. spent over 30 years researching and creating unique strategies to motivate students. Her vision: to organically develop students’ innate creative and innovative potential by re-inventing education. The result is FLEX Learning Academy – a cutting-edge system that allows students flexibility, ownership, and mastery over their education.

Hands-on Education

Nature enthusiast? Animal lover? Sports fan or artist?

Flex offers classes in beautiful state-of-the-art facilities as well as weekly field trips to local experiences such as

  • Barns and Farms
  • Gardens and Nature Parks
  • Creative Arts Performances
  • Goat Yoga
  • Art Exhibits
  • Science Museums
  • Music and Film Studios
  • Local Business and Entrepreneurs