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Family Farms

Flex Academy - Family Farm

Flex Learning Academy barn and garden students visited Family Farms in Davie.It is strawberry season in South Florida, and our microschool took the opportunity to hand pick the fresh berries.

They were so delicious, most of the kids ate theirs before they even left the farm!

Flex Academy - trip to Family FarmOur middle school and high school students also learned what the animals on the farm like to eat:

Pigs enjoy cucumber, and hens love fresh corn straight off the cob. The students hand fed and even held the animals.

The farm is also home to tortoises, goats, and rabbits.

Our Flex kids really enjoyed the baby chicks: they sat in small groups while the birds flocked around.

The beautiful February weather was also a topic of conversation outside in the living classroom. They discussed things like how the temperature and soil affect the way things grow in our environment. Everyone took their time talking about what they observed at the farm.

The students took advantage of the swings on the farm: spinning around in circles, laughing, and enjoying each others’ company. Weekly field trips and hands on learning in the real world is just one part of the Flex-perience!